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"Health and social service facilities - Levels I, II and III" means:

(1) Level I Health and Social Service Facility (Level I HSSF). A Level I HSSF means a use which occupies a residential structure used by the disabled as a residence along with their family members and caregivers. By way of illustration and not limitation, this definition shall include:

(a) Group homes for the disabled and consensual living arrangements equivalent to a familial setting which are protected by state or federal law as residential uses;

(b) Adult family homes, licensed pursuant to chapter 70.128 RCW;

(c) Foster homes licensed pursuant to chapter 74.15 RCW for the placement of youth, disabled or expectant mothers in a residential setting, including but not limited to foster family homes, community group care facilities and crisis residential centers; and

(d) Any other residential facilities for the disabled which must be accommodated in a single family zone pursuant to RCW 36.70.990 or 36.70A.410.

(2) Level II Health and Social Service Facility (Level II HSSF). A Level II HSSF means a use which is licensed or regulated by the state to provide emergency medical treatment on a 24-hour per day basis or which houses persons in an institutional setting that provides chronic care or medical service on regular recurring basis to its residents and which includes, but are not limited to a:

(a) Hospital (including acute alcoholism/drug, psychiatric and state mental hospitals);

(b) Nursing home;

(c) Private adult treatment home;

(d) Mental health facility, adult and child residential;

(e) Soldiers’ home and veterans’ home;

(f) Large institutional boarding home for the care of senior citizens and the disabled sometimes known as assisted living facilities or continuous care retirement communities with emphasis on assisted living that may also include independent living and congregate care;

(g) State residential school for hearing and visually impaired;

(h) Alcoholism and drug residential treatment facility;

(i) Child birthing center/facility; and

(j) Hospice.

(3) Level III Health and Social Service Facility (Level III HSSF). A Level III HSSF means a use, including commercial enterprises and charitable institutions, which provides social, medical, counseling or other forms of treatment in a clinical setting or on an outpatient basis. Shelters providing services to the homeless or other transients shall be included in this category. Level III HSSF includes, but are not limited to an:

(a) Ambulatory surgical center;

(b) Blood bank;

(c) Medical claims processing facility;

(d) Counseling, psychological and psychiatric treatment clinics in an office setting;

(e) Eye bank;

(f) Renal disease center and kidney dialysis treatment center;

(g) Home health care agency;

(h) Medical laboratory;

(i) Occupational and physical therapy facility;

(j) Rehabilitation facility; and

(k) Homeless and transient shelter.

(4) The terms used herein are based upon categories established by the State of Washington through its various licensing agencies. As the director interprets the provisions of this title pursuant to chapter 30.83 SCC, or classifies unlisted uses pursuant to SCC 30.22.040, the director shall use and/or analogize to the applicable licensing categories and definitions developed by the state of Washington and agencies such as the Department of Social and Health Services in order to determine whether or not any particular use falls within the categories established for health and social service facilities.

(5) The term "Health and social services facilities - Level I, II and III" shall not include:

(a) Correctional facilities, including but not limited, to prisons and jails when proposed as a governmental facility pursuant to this title;

(b) Community facilities as defined in RCW 72.05.020; and

(c) secure community transition facilities proposed under the authority of, and consistent with the provisions of chapter 71.09 RCW.

(6) Nothing herein is intended to preclude the housing of children in the custody of the state within health and social service facilities, levels I, II, and III as defined in this section, provided that such facility is not a community facility as defined in RCW 72.05.020. (Added by Amended Ord. 04-010, Mar. 3, 2004, Eff date Mar. 15, 2004).