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Ports are centers for water-borne traffic and industrial and manufacturing firms.

(1) The following general regulations apply to industrial development and ports within shorelines:

(a) All industrial development and ports shall provide public access pursuant to SCC 30.67.330.

(b) Non-water dependent industrial development is permitted under the following circumstances:

(i) The proposed development is part of a mixed use project that includes water-oriented uses as the primary use of the site, and the industrial development is clearly incidental or secondary to the water-oriented uses;

(ii) Navigability is severely limited at the proposed site and the use provides public access and restoration of wetlands or fish and wildlife habitat; or

(iii) The proposed industrial development is located over 200 feet from the ordinary high water mark or is physically separated from the shoreline by another property or public right-of-way.

(c) The following regulations apply to port development in shoreline jurisdiction:

(i) Proposed port developments, expansions, alterations, or any phase thereof shall be consistent with, and shall be based upon, a comprehensive harbor improvement plan adopted by the county; and

(ii) Flexibility from the requirements of this chapter may be granted where the proposed port development will result in equal or better public access and restoration or enhancement of shoreline ecological functions than would be required under this chapter.

(2) In addition to the general regulations contained in SCC 30.67.550(1), the following shoreline environment designation-specific regulations for industrial development and ports apply:

(a) Industrial development and ports are permitted in the Urban, Rural Conservancy and Resource environments.

(b) Industrial development and ports are prohibited in the Urban Conservancy, Municipal Watershed Utility and Natural environments.

(c) Industrial development and ports are conditionally permitted in the Aquatic environment when the adjacent shoreland designation is Urban, Rural Conservancy or Resource. (Added by Amended Ord. 12-025, June 6, 2012, Eff date July 27, 2012).