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(1) A land disturbing activity permit is required for all land disturbing activity and must be obtained prior to the commencement of any land disturbing activity unless the activity is exempted in SCC 30.63B.070, or the activity is conducted as part of a project administered by the department of public works or the county engineer under the requirements of SCC 30.63B.100(1)(b) and (2).

(2) If a person or entity determines that a proposed land disturbing activity is exempt from obtaining a land disturbing activity permit under SCC 30.63B.070, the person or entity may consult with the department to confirm the determination or to ensure compliance with other applicable requirements of title 30 SCC. A consultation may be requested by following the pre-application process described in SCC 30.70.020. The appropriate consultation fee established in SCC 30.86.510(2)(c) shall be paid at the time of the request. (Added by Amended Ord. 10-023, June 9, 2010, Eff date Sept. 30, 2010).