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In addition to any legal remedy available under the provisions of this title, the county animal control agency may notify and direct the person receiving more than three notices of violation in a one year period, to abate and remove said animal from the county within 96 hours from the date of said notice, or in the alternative, to abate and transfer ownership and possession of said animal to another person not living at the same place of residence. If such animal is found in violation of the abatement notice after 96 hours have elapsed from the date of notice, said animal shall be abated and removed by the Snohomish county animal control agency by impoundment, subject to all impoundment procedures; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, Said animal may not be returned to the same residence or property from which it was impounded or resided. (Amended by § 18 of Res. adopted July 10, 1978; Amended by Res. adopted July 9, 1973).