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Any animal impounded or confiscated pursuant to the provisions of this title may be redeemed upon payment of the fees as herein provided and demonstration that the violation has been corrected. The correction of a violation includes the licensing of any unlicensed animal required by this title to be licensed. The redemption fee for an animal shall be established by the director of the animal control agency not later than January 1st each year, subject to approval by the county council by motion. The redemption fee shall include all fees and costs associated with apprehension, transportation, impoundment, care, boarding, shelter capital facilities and any veterinary costs incurred including euthanasia and disposal of the animal, if applicable. The fees for all animals shall be based on the direct cost to the County as determined by the director of the animal control agency. (Amended by § 16 of Res. adopted July 10, 1978; Amended by Res. adopted July 9, 1973; Amended by Ord. 89-057, July 5, 1989; Amended by Ord. 04-017, Mar. 31, 2004, Eff date Apr. 18, 2004; Amended by Amended Ord. 06-133, Feb. 28, 2007, Eff date Mar. 16, 2007; Amended by Ord. 11-014, May 25, 2011, Eff date June 10, 2011).