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(1) Auxiliary support equipment should be designed to complement or maintain the integrity of the surrounding landscape and built environment. Auxiliary support equipment shall be architecturally compatible with the surrounding buildings and land uses in the zoning district or screened or otherwise integrated through location and design to blend in with the existing characteristics of the site to the greatest extent possible.

(2) Auxiliary support equipment shall have a color generally matching the building, surroundings, or background that minimize their visibility, unless the FCC or FAA requires a different color. Muted colors, earth tones, and subdued colors shall be used wherever possible.

(3) Auxiliary support equipment shall be screened from public view. The standards for the auxiliary support equipment are as follows:

(a) Equipment mounted on a roof shall have a finish similar to the exterior building walls.

(b) When auxiliary support equipment is located in residential or rural zones listed in SCC 30.28A.120(6) and 30.28A.120(7) or on property developed for single family residential use, it shall comply with setback requirements of SCC 30.23.110(26) and shall be designed so as to conform in appearance with nearby residential structures, or be completely screened from view.

(c) The location of personal wireless service facilities and auxiliary support equipment locating on utility poles, streetlight poles, or traffic signal poles within public rights-of-way shall be exempt from the setback requirements and shall be determined by the department of public works.

(d) Auxiliary support equipment must blend with the surrounding buildings in architectural character and color. The auxiliary support equipment must be architecturally and visually (color, size, and bulk) compatible with surrounding existing buildings, structures, vegetation, and uses. Auxiliary support equipment will be considered architecturally and visually compatible if it is adequately screened to completely disguise the equipment and structures or is completely enclosed within an existing building.

(4) Height limitations shall be in accordance with SCC 30.28A.160(2). (Added by Amended Ord. 05-038, Nov. 30, 2005, Eff date Dec. 16, 2005; Amended by Ord. 18-011, Mar. 21, 2018, Eff date May 20, 2018).