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(1) Any building permit issued for an EPF approved under this chapter shall be consistent with all conditions of approval in the conditional use permit or the development agreement.

(2) In the event a building permit for an EPF is denied because the building permit application does not comply with construction codes, the department shall submit in writing the reasons for denial to the project applicant.

(3) No construction permits may be applied for prior to approval of a conditional use permit or approval of a development agreement for an EPF unless the applicant signs a written release acknowledging that such approval is neither guaranteed nor implied by the department’s acceptance of the construction permit applications.

(4) The applicant shall expressly hold the county harmless and accept all financial risk associated with preparing and submitting construction plans before a final decision is made under this chapter. (Added by Ord. 13-067, Sept. 25, 2013, Eff date Oct. 11, 2013).