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9.16.020 Transportation charge for impounded livestock.
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In the event the sheriff of Snohomish county or his regularly or specially appointed deputy shall impound any livestock of any kind including but not limited to horses, mules, donkeys, cattle, goats, sheep and swine within Snohomish county pursuant to chapter 16.24 RCW and SCC 9.16.010, said animals shall not be released to the owner thereof or any purchaser of said animal or animals at a sale conducted pursuant to RCW 16.24.070 until there is paid to Snohomish county a transportation fee based on the direct cost to the County as determined by the director of the animal control agency.

This fee shall be considered as a portion of the expense allowable by RCW 16.24.070 and not as payment in lieu of other costs allowable by statute. (Amended by Res. adopted Dec. 1, 1975; Amended by Ord. 06-132, Feb. 28, 2007, Eff date Mar. 16, 2007). (Ord. 06-132 , 2007; Res. adopted Dec. 1, 1975, 1975.)