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It is unlawful for an owner to cause, allow, permit or participate in any of the following, which are, singly or together, declared to be a public nuisance:

(1) Frequent or repetitive sounds, including those from facilities licensed under chapter 6.06 SCC, made by one or more animals, whether or not continuous, occurring at least ten (10) minutes or more during any half hour period, which unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peace, comfort, and repose of any person within hearing distance of the sounds; provided however, that such sounds made by pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, goats and poultry, and from dogs while used to control or protect domesticated animals or livestock or used to guard farm premises where the owner or caretaker resides in unincorporated areas outside of the area bounded by Puget Sound on the west, the Snohomish county/King county line on the south, 164th Street SE on the north and the Bothell Highway (SR 527) on the east shall be exempt under this subsection.

(2) Any domesticated animal that while off the owner’s property damages or destroys any real or personal property.

(3) Any domesticated animal which chases, runs after, or jumps at vehicles using the public streets and alleys.

(4) Any domesticated animal which engages in vicious behavior or otherwise threatens a human lawfully using public sidewalks, streets, alleys or other public ways.

(5) Any non-domesticated animal, either predatory or nonpredatory, in the custody, possession or control of any person within the county, which due to its size, habits, natural propensities or instincts represents a danger or potential danger to people or property, if such animal is not securely confined, restricted or restrained or under control.

(6) Dogs running in packs.

(7) A female domesticated animal, while in heat, running at large or not confined and accessible to other animals except for controlled and planned breeding.

(8) Any domesticated animal, which runs at large; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that this section does not apply to animals participating in animal shows or exhibitions in areas specifically designated for such events; dogs directly supervised by their owners while using designated off leash areas on county park property; or to dogs participating in organized dog training classes on county park property where written approval is obtained in advance from the Snohomish county department of parks and recreation.

(9) Any animal entering any place where food is prepared, served, stored or sold to the public; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that this section does not apply to any person using a service animal or duly authorized law enforcement officers using dogs in performance of their duties.

(10) Animals confined, staked, tethered or kept on public property without prior consent of the public entity having custody, control, or ownership of the property.

(11) Animals kept, harbored or maintained and known to have a contagious disease, unless under the treatment of a licensed veterinarian or being kept for medical research by a licensed facility as lawfully authorized.

(12) Animals on public property not under control, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that this section does not apply to dogs directly supervised by their owners while using designated off leash areas on county park property or otherwise exempted in SCC 9.14.020.

(13) Any species of animal designated by the state board of health pursuant to WAC 248-100-450, together with amendments thereto, as dangerous to the public including any skunk, fox or raccoon, except as lawfully authorized for fur farming by a licensed facility.

(14) Any vicious animal which runs at large.

(15) The taking from the wild, or the holding in captivity, or the having in one’s possession, or the exportation from or importation into the county of any species designated in WAC 232-12-015, 232-12-030 and 232-12-040 together with amendments thereto, as protected wildlife, as furbearing animals, or as game fish, birds, or animals, except as lawfully authorized.

(16) Any dog in violation of the provisions of chapter 9.14 SCC. (Amended by § 11 of Res. adopted July 10, 1978; Amended by Res. adopted July 9, 1973; Amended by § 1 of Res. adopted Oct. 4, 1978; Amended by Ord. 87-043 § 1, July 1, 1987; Amended by Ord. 87-047 § 3, July 8, 1987; Amended by Ord. 93-049, July 7, 1993, Eff date July 17, 1993; Amended by Ord. 97-020 § 22, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997; Amended by Amended Ord. 06-133, Feb. 28, 2007, Eff date Mar. 16, 2007; Amended by Amended Ord. 10-070, Sept. 8, 2010, Eff date Sept. 19, 2010).