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(1) The director of the animal control agency and his authorized personnel are hereby authorized to take such lawful action as may be required to enforce the provisions of this title and the laws of the state of Washington as they pertain to animal cruelty, shelter, welfare and control.

(2) The director of animal control agency and/or his authorized personnel, while pursuing any animal observed by him to be in violation of the resolution codified herein, may enter upon any public or private property, except any private residence, for the purpose of abating the animal violation being pursued. Entry into a building designated for and used for private purposes may be accomplished upon the issuance of a proper search or arrest warrant by a court of competent jurisdiction showing that the officer has reasonable cause to believe an animal is being maintained in the building in violation of this title.

(3) No person shall deny, prevent or obstruct an animal control officer from enforcing any provisions of this title. (Amended by § 9 of Res. adopted July 10, 1978; Amended by Res. adopted July 9, 1973).