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Persons possessing a valid exhibitor/breeding kennel license issued by the licensing authority prior to the enactment of this chapter and owning more than 10 dogs may be eligible at no charge for a special private kennel license, provided the following conditions are met:

(1) the applicant must make application for the special private kennel license within 30 days of notification by the licensing authority. The special private kennel license will retain the expiration of the valid exhibitor/breeding license;

(2) the special private kennel license shall be valid only for those specific dogs in the possession of the applicant at the time of issuance, and is intended to allow pet owners to possess dogs beyond the limits imposed by this chapter until such time as the death or transfer of such dogs reduces the number possessed to the legal limit set forth in this chapter; and

(3) the licensing authority may deny any application for a special private kennel license based on past violations of animal control regulations by the applicant, complaints from neighbors regarding the applicant’s dogs, or if the animals are maintained in inhumane conditions. (Added by Ord. 97-020 § 7, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997).