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Unless otherwise provided, such applicant for any license/permit under this title shall at all times maintain in full force and effect a policy of bodily injury/property damage liability insurance to cover said applicant, his servants, agents, or employees in the conduct of the business or activity being licensed. The certificate of insurance shall be filed with the licensing authority. The licensing authority must be given written notice in the event of cancellation of said policy either by the company or the insured.

Insurance certificates provided by any insurance company or underwriter containing the language "endeavor to" and "but failure to mail such notice shall impose no obligation or liability of any kind upon the company" or similar language will not be acceptable. (Added by Ord. 83-156 § 2, Dec. 29, 1983, Eff date Jan. 1, 1984; Amended by Amended Ord. 86-099 § 28, Nov. 12, 1986; Amended by Ord. 87-038 § 23, June 3, 1987).