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(1) It is the policy of the county to avoid the practice or appearance of nepotism in employment. The identity or status of a relative may not be considered in the employment decision unless a business necessity exception exists. A close relative or spouse of a current Snohomish County employee shall not be employed by Snohomish County where one of the following business necessities exists:

(a) Where one relative or spouse would have the authority or practical power to supervise, appoint, remove or discipline the other;

(b) Where one relative or spouse would be responsible for auditing the work of the other;

(c) Where other circumstances exist which would place the relatives or spouses in a situation of actual or reasonably foreseeable conflict between the employer’s interest and their own;

(d) Where, in order to avoid the reality or appearance of improper influence or favor, or to protect its confidentiality, the county must limit the employment of spouses or close relatives.

(2) Where one of the above business necessities requires the limitation of employment opportunities for relatives or spouses, the exclusion should be limited to the job, work crew, shop or unit where the reason for the exclusion exists, and should not bar the person from the whole work force, unless the reason applies to the whole work force.

(3) For purposes of this section, "close relative" includes an employee’s or employee’s spouse’s mother, father, child (including adopted and foster children), brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew. (Added by Ord. 84-129 § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Amended by Amended Ord. 00-105, Feb. 7, 2001, Eff date Feb. 18, 2001).