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First consideration to fill vacancies in county positions shall be given to employees on layoff registers. Upon notification by an employing official that a vacancy exists, the director will contact qualified candidates from the layoff register and certify the names of those interested, if any, to the employing official. Names will be submitted in the following order:

(1) Employees laid off from the same layoff unit in which the vacancy exists.

(2) Employees laid off from the classification which is currently vacant.

(3) Employees laid off from other classifications at the same or a higher level who have the appropriate qualifications.

The employing official shall examine certified candidates and indicate to the director the selection results. (Added by Ord. 84-129 § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Amended by Ord. 04-141, Jan. 19, 2005, Eff date Jan. 31, 2005).