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The purpose of vegetation conservation and management is to protect and restore the shoreline ecological functions and ecosystem-wide processes performed by vegetation along shorelines. Vegetation conservation and management should also be undertaken to protect human safety and property, to increase the stability of river banks and coastal bluffs, to reduce the need for structural shoreline stabilization measures, to improve the visual and aesthetic qualities of the shoreline, to protect plant and animal species and their habitats, and to enhance shoreline uses.

(1) Vegetation conservation and management is subject to the requirements of chapters 30.62A and 30.62B SCC.

(2) The removal or modification of existing vegetation and the alteration of topography shall be the minimum necessary to accommodate an approved shoreline use or modification. Except as provided in SCC 30.67.599(3), disturbed areas shall be replanted with appropriate native species during the next growing season subject to the requirements of SCC 30.62A.320(3). Once the requirements of SCC 30.62A.320(3) have been satisfied, any additional areas outside of the buffer and buffer mitigation area shall be replanted using a minimum area replacement ratio of 1:1. Additional replanting area or native plant species diversity improvements may be proposed by project applicants.

(3) Removal and control of noxious or invasive non-native plant species is permitted in all shoreline environments, provided that removal or control does not result in adverse impacts to water quality. If the removal of noxious or invasive non-native plants affects bank stability, replanting with native species using a minimum area replacement ratio of 1:1 is required. Vegetation management limited only to noxious or invasive non-native species is subject to the requirements of SCC 30.62A.010(2)(iv) and SCC 30.62A.510(3)(h).

(4) Landscaping required for development or uses within shoreline jurisdiction shall be designed to complement and enhance the view of the water over and across the site. Landscaping shall not be reduced or eliminated to achieve this provision, but shall be clustered to frame view corridors and shall use species conducive to the natural conditions of the shoreline environment. (Added by Amended Ord. 12-025, June 6, 2012, Eff date July 27, 2012).