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(1) During construction and land disturbing activity, the county shall inspect all land disturbing activity operations for which a permit is issued pursuant to SCC 30.63B.350. The county shall inspect the site at various stages of work including before construction, during construction, at construction completion and at final acceptance of a subdivision or issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The county shall determine if the SWPPP required by chapter 30.63A SCC is implemented and the construction undertaken by the owner, contractor and certified erosion and sediment control lead (CESCL) complies with the approved SWPPP, land disturbing activity site plan and construction plans.

(2) When required on an approved land disturbing activity site plan, the applicant shall provide professional inspection of land disturbing activity by a civil and/or a soils engineer, or an engineering geologist retained by the owner or applicant to provide such services for engineered land disturbing activity as follows:

(a) The civil engineer shall review and observe the establishment of line, grade, surface drainage and erosion control of the development area. If revisions to any approved land disturbing activity or stormwater site plan, right-of-way plan or other construction plans are required during the course of the land disturbing activity, they shall be prepared by the civil engineer.

(b) The soils engineer shall observe the land disturbing activity and test for compaction. The types of soils inspections and standards shall be consistent with sections 1802.6 and 1803.5 of the IBC.

(c) The soils engineer shall provide sufficient observation during the preparation of the ground and during placement and compaction of the fill to verify that such work is being performed in accordance with the conditions of the approved plans identified in SCC 30.63B.340(2)(a) and the appropriate requirements of this chapter and chapter 30.63A SCC. These observations shall be set forth in a written report as required by SCC 30.63B.360(1)(b) that shall be submitted to the department prior to the final inspection. Revised recommendations relating to conditions differing from the soils engineering, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and liquefaction reports submitted as part of the land disturbing activity permit application shall be submitted to the department and the civil engineer responsible for the project as soon as they are available.

(d) The engineering geologist shall inspect all excavation to determine if geologic conditions encountered are in conformance with the engineering geology report completed under SCC 30.63B.240. If conditions differ from the approved engineering geology report, the geologist shall submit revised recommendations to the county and soils engineer regarding changes to the land disturbing activity site plan or other construction plans as soon as they are available.

(e) If the civil engineer, CESCL, the soils engineer, or the engineering geologist finds that the work was not performed in conformance with this chapter or the land disturbing activity permit, the individual who discovered the discrepancies shall report this information immediately, in writing, to the applicant or owner and to the county.

(3) The county shall notify the applicant or owner of any discrepancies that would necessitate land disturbing activity site plan or construction plan revisions or corrections by the professional consultants.

(4) If the civil engineer, the soils engineer, CESCL, or the engineering geologist of record is changed during land disturbing activity, the work shall be stopped until a replacement has agreed in writing to accept their responsibilities under this chapter. It shall be the duty of the applicant or owner to notify the county in writing of such change in contacts prior to resuming land disturbing activity. (Added by Amended Ord. 10-023, June 9, 2010, Eff date Sept. 30, 2010).