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When required by chapters 16, 18, and 33 of the IBC for expansive soils, questionable soils and the potential for soils near high groundwater, a soils engineering report shall be required. The required content of the soils engineering report is contained in sections 1613, 1803.6, and 3304 of the IBC and volume I, chapter 3 of the Drainage Manual. The report also shall include the following:

(1) Data regarding the nature, distribution, site classification, and strength of existing soils;

(2) Conclusions and recommendations for land disturbing activity procedures identified in the reports required by SCC 30.63B.210 or chapters 16, 18, and 33 of the IBC;

(3) Design criteria for corrective measures, including structural fills, when necessary due to subsurface soils or groundwater conditions;

(4) An analysis of the adequacy of affected soils for the intended use of the site as affected by soils engineering factors;

(5) An analysis that describes the hydraulic conductivity, cation exchange capacity, depth to seasonal high water table, and groundwater flow direction and gradient within the soils; and

(6) A determination if it is feasible to infiltrate stormwater into the underlying site soils as part of the LID BMP selection or design for the site, without adversely affecting adjoining or off-site properties. (Added by Amended Ord. 10-023, June 9, 2010, Eff date Sept. 30, 2010; Amended by Ord. 15-103, Jan. 11, 2016, Eff date Jan. 22, 2016; Amended by Amended Ord. 18-106, Jan. 16, 2019, Eff date Jan. 27, 2019).