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(1) An applicant may file a written request for reconsideration of a modification decision issued pursuant to SCC 30.63A.830 with the department within 15 calendar days following the date the written decision was issued. The applicant shall pay the fee established in SCC 30.86.515 at the time the request for reconsideration is made. The timely filing of a request for reconsideration shall stay the review of related project components until the appropriate director issues the reconsideration decision.

(2) The grounds for seeking reconsideration shall be limited to the following:

(a) The appropriate director’s findings, conclusions or conditions are not supported by the record;

(b) New information, which could not reasonably have been produced and which is material to the decision, is discovered; or

(c) The applicant proposes changes to the application in response to deficiencies identified in the modification decision.

(3) The request for reconsideration must:

(a) Contain the name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number of the applicant, or the applicant’s representative, together with the signature of the applicant or of the applicant’s representative;

(b) Identify the specific findings, conclusions, actions, and/or conditions for which reconsideration is requested;

(c) State the specific grounds upon which relief is requested;

(d) Describe the specific relief requested; and

(e) Where applicable, identify and provide documentation of the newly-discovered information or changes proposed.

(4) Within 30 days of the date a complete request for reconsideration is filed, the appropriate director shall make a written decision to either approve, approve with conditions, or deny the request for reconsideration. The decision shall include findings of fact and conclusions documenting the county’s evaluation of the modification criteria in SCC 30.63A.830(6).

(5) The appropriate director shall consider only one request for reconsideration per each modification decision.

(6) When reconsideration is requested, the applicable director’s decision on reconsideration shall be the county’s final decision on the modification request. (Added by Amended Ord. 10-026, June 9, 2010, Eff date Sept. 30, 2010).