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(1) An applicant may apply for a lift of a moratorium for a site subject to the six-year development moratorium described in SCC 30.43F.220. A moratorium lift is the mechanism by which the six-year development moratorium is removed from the entire site to which it was applied.

(2) Applications.

(a) An application to lift the six-year development moratorium shall be processed as a Type 1 permit application under chapter 30.71 SCC unless submitted concurrently with a Type 2 application under chapter 30.72 SCC, in which case the application to lift the moratorium shall be consolidated and processed as a Type 2 permit application.

(b) The applicant shall submit an application in compliance with the submittal requirements in SCC 30.70.030.

(c) The applicant shall submit a completed State Environmental Policy Act checklist.

(d) If there are any outstanding forest practice violations on the subject site, written approval from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources stating that the outstanding final order, decisions, or violations have been corrected must be submitted by the applicant to the department prior to the department’s consideration of the application to lift the moratorium.

(e) An applicant may request a pre-application meeting pursuant to SCC 30.70.020 to obtain a preliminary analysis of how the requirements of this chapter apply to a proposed project.

(f) Notice of the application shall be provided pursuant to chapter 30.71 SCC and shall contain the following the text: "Attention: The proposed application is on land regulated by the Washington State Forest Practices Act. This Act imposes a moratorium that is enforced by Snohomish County on conversions of land to nonforestry uses. Snohomish County may lift the moratorium if it finds that the proposed application complies with the criteria in SCC 30.43F.230(3)."

(3) Review criteria. Lifting of a six-year development moratorium imposed under this chapter shall be granted when all of the following criteria are met:

(a) The forest practices conducted on the site meet the standards set forth in chapter 76.09 RCW; and

(b) Corrective actions are completed which would bring the forest practices into compliance with all applicable provisions of the Snohomish County Code.

(4) Appeal. If the application to lift the moratorium was processed as a Type 1 permit, then the process to appeal a decision regarding a moratorium lift is pursuant to SCC 30.71.050. If an application was processed as a Type 2 permit, then the process to appeal a decision regarding a moratorium lift is pursuant to SCC 30.72.070.

(5) Recording the lift of the six-year development moratorium. The applicant shall record the lifting of the six-year development moratorium with the county auditor after the appeal deadline to challenge the lifting of the moratorium has expired, or after all appeals have been resolved if any appeals have been filed. (Added by Amended Ord. 15-033, June 3, 2015, Eff date June 19, 2015).