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The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to:

(1) Cemeteries and other burial plots while used for that purpose;

(2) Divisions made by testamentary provisions or the laws of descent;

(3) Any division of land regulated by chapter 30.41A SCC;

(4) Boundary line adjustments completed pursuant to chapter 30.41E SCC;

(5) Condominiums when prepared and filed in accordance with the Horizontal Property Regimes Act, chapter 64.32 RCW, or the Condominium Act, chapter 64.34 RCW;

(6) Assessor’s plats, when prepared and filed in accordance with the provisions of RCW 58.18.010 and when the lot size requirements of this code have been met;

(7) Division of land into lots, tracts, or parcels each of which is at least one-eighth of a section of land or larger, or 80 acres or larger in size if the land is not capable of subdivisional description;

(8) Divisions of land pursuant to the binding site plan provisions of chapter 30.41D SCC;

(9) Divisions of land due to condemnation or sale under threat thereof, by an agency or division of government vested with the power of condemnation;

(10) Any division where no permanent road may be constructed and where restrictive covenants or lease provisions prohibit construction of buildings of a type that permits human occupancy, overnight camping, or other human habitation;

(11) Transfers of land to the county for open space, conservation, or park purposes. Any remaining area must meet the minimum requirements of SCC 30.23.230(1). The land remaining must meet the minimum access requirements of SCC 30.24.040 and 30.24.055;

(12) Sales of tax title property to an adjoining property owner by the county pursuant to SCC 4.46.181(13) and RCW 36.35.150(3); and

(13) A division for the purpose of leasing land for facilities providing personal wireless services while used for that purpose. (Added by Amended Ord. 02-064, Dec. 9, 2002, Eff date Feb. 1, 2003; Amended by Amended Ord. 05-038, Nov. 30, 2005, Eff date Dec. 16, 2005; Amended by Ord. 06-013, Apr. 5, 2006, Eff date Apr. 22, 2006; Amended by Amended Ord. 12-049, Oct. 3, 2012, Eff date Jan. 1, 2013; Amended by Ord. 14-080, Sept. 24, 2014, Eff date Oct. 10, 2014).