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(1) An official site plan for the zone, indicating the provisions for acceleration and deceleration lanes, ingress and egress driveways; curbing, internal traffic circulation and parking; the location of structures; and the floor area devoted to accessory uses must be reviewed and approved by:

(a) The hearing examiner concurrently with the freeway service or general commercial rezone request pursuant to chapter 30.42A SCC and subtitle 30.7 SCC as a Type 2 process; or

(b) The department only for properties where the freeway service or general commercial zones already exist, pursuant to chapter 30.43A SCC as a Type 1 process.

(2) The department may approve an official site plan for partial development of the existing zone.

(3) The department shall include in its staff report to the hearing examiner or in its decision pursuant to chapter 30.43A SCC the director of the department of public works’ written evaluation of the adequacy of the proposed traffic control measures and, where applicable, the effect of the applicant’s proposal on the proper function of the freeway interchange. Where a state facility is involved, the department of public works shall request a similar evaluation by the Washington State Department of Transportation. (Added by Amended Ord. 02-064, Dec. 9, 2002, Eff date Feb. 1, 2003; Amended by Amended Ord. 05-085, Dec. 21, 2005, Eff date Feb. 1, 2006).