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(1) A planned development may be finalized as a whole or in successive divisions.

(2) The final plan for a planned development shall consist of the following for each division:

(a) A completed application form signed by the developer(s) of the project and by the property owner(s) if other than the developer;

(b) Prints of drawings, the number and scale determined by the director of the department, showing all the following information; however, the director may permit postponement of detailed building design information until application for building permits on each lot or site:

(i) site contours at five foot intervals, both existing and final where different, street layout and identification, size and shape of all building sites and lots, location of buildings, open space areas with any specific open space activity areas indicated;

(ii) final landscape plan, including plant locations and species sizes at planting, together with location and typical side or cross-section view of perimeter fencing or berms, if any;

(iii) plans for signing and lighting, including typical entrance treatment and entrance signs;

(iv) plans for buildings and related improvements to a scale of at least one inch to 50 feet, showing:

(A) a typical plot plan for each type of building, including location of building entrance, driveway, parking, fencing, and sight screening;

(B) typical elevations (side views) of each type of building, including identification of exterior building materials;

(C) typical street and walkway cross-sections;

(D) plans for open space area improvements, if any;

(E) restrictive covenants as required, together with a statement from a private attorney as to their adequacy to fulfill the requirements of this chapter; and

(F) to ensure conformity, a short subdivision or subdivision, if required, shall be filed simultaneously with final plans. Final plan approval shall occur only after preliminary short subdivision or subdivision approval; and

(v) plans for stormwater management.

(3) Where no preliminary site plan has been required, the final plan shall also include:

(a) The names and addresses of the developer, land surveyor, engineer, architect, planner, and other professionals involved;

(b) A document satisfactorily assuring unified control through the final plan approval stage for the total zone;

(c) A vicinity sketch locating the development and defining the property boundaries of the development area;

(d) A description of intended type of uses and operations including timing of development, if phased, and management control;

(e) A tentative traffic and pedestrian circulation pattern within the development area and a traffic analysis, when required by the department of public works pursuant to SCC 30.66B.220(1);

(f) All existing structures and improvements within the development area which are to remain; and

(g) A statement of landscape maintenance provisions. (Added by Amended Ord. 02-064, Dec. 9, 2002, Eff date Feb. 1, 2003; Amended by Amended Ord. 17-070, Nov. 1, 2017, Eff date Dec. 1, 2017).