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Whenever property developed for excavation is adjacent to developed residential property, public roads, streets or highways, streams, lakes, or other public installations, there shall be installed and maintained or cultivated in addition to any required fence, a view-obscuring planting screen at least 50 feet in width, in a location to be determined by the approval authority. A planting screen shall be shrubs, bushes, or trees which shall be selected to be evergreen, indigenous, fast-growing, compatible with the soil, and on the basis of size, form, and minimum maintenance requirements. The planting screen shall be planted according to acceptable practice in good soil, irrigated as necessary, and maintained in a good condition at all times at the expense of the operator. A required view-obscuring planting screen shall be installed as a yard improvement at or before the time excavation operations commence or within a reasonable time as determined by the approval authority, giving due consideration of local planting conditions. A view-obscuring fence may also be required by the department on the interior edge of the planting screen and if required, shall satisfy the requirement of SCC 30.31D.100(4). (Added by Amended Ord. 05-083, Dec. 21, 2005, Eff date Feb. 1, 2006).