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3.98.060 Additional program components.
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(1) The executive shall designate a transportation coordinator who shall be an employee of the executive. The transportation coordinator shall be responsible for all aspects of the administration of the employee commuter program including, but not limited to, monitoring participation and compliance, administering incentives, developing promotions and enforcement. The transportation coordinator shall assist participating employees in developing the best commuting alternatives for each employee. The transportation coordinator may propose revisions to the employee commuter program from time to time to improve the program.

(2) The transportation coordinator shall create and maintain a commuter information center displaying information about Community Transit, Everett Transit, and carpool/vanpool routes and schedules. The commuter information center shall include a ride match board which participating employees may utilize to locate and contact potential carpool riders/drivers.

(3) The executive shall develop and provide secure bicycle parking facilities for use by employees who bicycle to and from work. Bicycle parking in such facilities shall be provided to participating employees without charge.

(4) All elected officials and county departments are authorized and encouraged to:

(a) permit flexible work schedules to facilitate employee use of carpools, vanpools, and public transit;

(b) permit employees to work part or full time at home or at an alternative work site closer to their homes; and

(c) provide alternative work schedules such as compressed work weeks which reduce commuting. (Added by Amended Ord. 91-089, July 3, 1991).