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(1) The use of the fairgrounds during the annual Evergreen State Fair for the purpose of exercising the right of free expression shall not be abridged; PROVIDED, That such use shall not compromise public safety, interfere with the orderly movement of fair patrons, or abridge rights of other users of the fairgrounds. The following requirements are intended to accommodate these interests.

(2) No person on the Evergreen State Fairgrounds shall distribute literature, display signs for the primary purpose of communicating to other users of the fairgrounds, or solicit petition signatures without an identification badge issued by the fairgrounds manager. The fairgrounds manager shall issue an identification badge upon presentation of a written application containing the following information:

(a) the name, address, and telephone number of the applicant and sponsoring organization, if any;

(b) a description of the proposed activity; and

(c) the date, hour, and duration of the proposed activity.

(3) No person on the Evergreen State Fairgrounds shall solicit funds or offer any merchandise or services for sale except as authorized by SCC 2.33.020.

(4) No person on the Evergreen State Fairgrounds unless participating in a scheduled event or activity or unless separately licensed as a concessionaire and authorized by a licensing agreement, shall:

(a) employ a sound or voice amplifying device for any purpose;

(b) use a table, chair, stand, or other structure to conduct activities described in subsection (2) of this section;

(c) store literature, signs, petitions, or related materials on the fairgrounds; or

(d) engage in a dance, chant, or other performance intended to attract public notice.

(5) Activities described in subsection (2) of this section shall be confined to areas of the fairgrounds that are open to the general public, except that the following areas are excluded:

(a) parking areas;

(b) areas within 15 feet of animal enclosures, ticket counters, booths or other concession facilities, and patrons waiting in line; and

(c) restaurants, washrooms, and areas subject to separate licensing agreements. (Added by Res. adopted Aug. 24, 1977; Added by Ord. 89-029 § 25, May 17, 1989).