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Type B permit transactions relate to the movement of vehicles, materials, and structures within the opened right-of-way, and traffic control related thereto. These activities have the potential, if not properly controlled, to disturb the opened right-of-way surface, impact other vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and/or impact access to private property. These activities may also require sheriff assistance, county inspections, restoration and cleanup of the opened right-of-way. Each activity requires county approval for specific routes, weights, locations, dates and operating times, provisions for public safety and traffic control. (Added by Ord. 85-051 § 3, July 3, 1985; Amended by Ord. 96-028 § 25, June 12, 1996, Eff date June 29, 1996; Amended by Amended Ord. 12-001, Feb. 15, 2012, Eff date Feb. 26, 2012; Amended by Ord. 13-051, July 31, 2013, Eff date Aug. 12, 2013).