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(1) The following are subject to seizure and forfeiture:

(a) All drug paraphernalia.

(2) Upon showing of probable cause that any property is subject to seizure or forfeiture, any court of competent jurisdiction may issue a warrant for the seizure thereof. Any peace officer having probable cause to believe that property is subject to seizure and forfeiture may seize the same provided proceedings for forfeiture shall be commenced within a reasonable time and in no case more than five days after the initial seizure.

(3) Property seized in accord with the section or subject to forfeiture shall be forfeited by civil proceedings commenced in the same manner as other civil actions of a like nature. Property abandoned or lost or for whom the owner cannot be determined shall be disposed of as is other lost property.

(4) The property forfeited shall be the sole property of Snohomish county. (Amended by Ord. 80-111, Dec. 15, 1980).