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The road department is authorized to perform work for and supply materials to other public agencies and other county departments in accordance with the requirements and procedures of this section. Any such work shall be subject to applicable bid laws and to the availability of sufficient personnel, equipment and materials to perform the requested task without unduly disrupting the function of the department.

(1) Procedure--Public Agencies. An appropriate written agreement approved by the board of county commissioners and the governing body of the requesting agency shall precede and cover any work by the road department for another public agency. The terms of such an agreement shall satisfy the requirements of RCW 35.77.020, et seq., RCW 36.75.200, et seq., chapter 39.34 RCW, and/or any other applicable statutory requirement. Such agreement may be for a specific term(s) of work, or it may be a general, longterm agreement to be supplemented by work order requests submitted to the county engineer in accordance with subsection (4) below.

(2) Procedure--Interdepartmental. Whenever a department of the county desires work to be performed by the road department, the department shall submit a work order request to the county engineer in accordance with subsection (4) below.

(3) Reimbursement Basis. All work performed by the road department for and on behalf of other county departments and other public agencies shall be on a reimbursement basis in accordance with billing rates approved by the board of county commissioners, including overhead and/or supervision and accounting costs incurred by the county engineer’s office. For interdepartmental work, the requesting department shall have responsibility for assuring the availability of adequate budgeted funds to cover the estimated cost of such work together with reasonable overruns.

(4) County Engineer. The county engineer’s office, as to work authorized pursuant to this section, shall be responsible for:

(a) Promulgating guidelines and forms dealing with processing work order requests, billing procedures, and other matters pertaining to such work;

(b) Supervising under the direction of the board of county commissioners the conduct of such work;

(c) Processing billings; and

(d) Maintaining appropriate records of all agreements and work order requests together with fiscal records of all such work in the same manner as prescribed for normal road department activity. (Added by Res. adopted June 1, 1978).