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This Park and Recreation Element (Park Element) is a component of Snohomish County’s Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan and is prepared in accordance with requirements specified in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.70A.070. Snohomish County’s Comprehensive Plan is comprised of five separate documents (or sections) that work together to guide county actions. This Park Element is one of these sections and works together with the General Policy Plan (GPP) and Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) to guide long term provision of facilities managed by the Snohomish County Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks).

This Park Element provides the basis for creation of the Snohomish County Park Improvement Plan (PIP), which identifies short term actions and funding strategies to achieve the goals, objectives, policies, direction and recommendations of the GPP, CFP and Park Element. The PIP is a component of the annual 6-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and is also influenced by the Snohomish County Park and Recreation Visioning Plan (PRVP) which identifies short-term public interest in provision of parks.

Planning content required by the GMA is focused within this Park Element, but is also contained in other documents. The location of each of these required components is provided below. Sources located outside of this document are italicized.

Table 1.  GMA Park Planning Required Content Summary



GMA Park and Recreation Element Requirements RCW 36.70A.070(8)

A park and recreation element that implements, and is consistent with the capital facilities plan element as it relates to park and recreation facilities. The element shall include:

(a) Estimates of park and recreation demand for at least a ten-year period

Chapter II. Park and Recreation Demand and Need

(b) An evaluation of facilities and service needs

Chapter II. Park and Recreation Demand and Need

(c) An evaluation of intergovernmental coordination opportunities to provide regional approaches for meeting park and recreational demand

Chapter I. Introduction

GMA Capital Facilities Plan Element Requirements RCW 36.70A.070(3)

A capital facilities (including park and recreation facilities) plan element consisting of:

(a) An inventory of existing capital facilities owned by public entities, showing the locations and capacities of the capital facilities

Snohomish County Park Inventory Report

Appendix B – Facilities Provided by Other Jurisdictions

(b) A forecast of the future needs for such capital facilities

Chapter II. Park and Recreation Demand and Need

(c) The proposed locations and capacities of expanded or new capital facilities

Chapter IV. Recommended Park Improvements

Snohomish County Annual Capital Improvement Program

(d) At least a six-year plan that will finance such capital facilities within projected funding capacities and clearly identified sources of public money for such purposes

Snohomish County Annual Capital Improvement Program

(e) A requirement to reassess the land use element if probable funding falls short of meeting existing needs and to ensure that the land use element, capital facilities plan element, and financing plan within the capital facilities plan element are coordinated and consistent.

Snohomish County Capital Facility Plan