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All powers of the county, not reserved by the people or vested in specific offices by this charter, shall be vested in the county council. The county council shall exercise its legislative power by adoption and enactment of ordinances, resolutions and motions. It shall have the power:

1. To levy taxes, appropriate revenue and adopt budgets for the county;

2. To establish the compensation to be paid to all county officials and employees and to provide for the reimbursement of expenses, except as provided in Section 6.120;

3. Except as otherwise provided for herein, to establish by ordinance executive departments and to establish their powers and responsibilities;

4. To adopt by ordinance zoning regulations and other land use and development regulations, including improvement plans for the present and future development of the county;

5. To employ legal counsel as allowed by the laws of the state of Washington;

6. To confirm or reject without cause nominations of members of all county boards and commissions, provided, the county council shall have concurrent authority with the county executive to nominate members of the Snohomish county planning commission;

7. To approve contracts or establish by ordinance methods by which any type of contract shall be approved;

8. To set collective bargaining guidelines to be followed by the county executive and to approve any and all collective bargaining agreements negotiated by the county executive.

The enumeration of particular powers shall not be construed as limiting the powers of the county council.

(Amended during General Election, Nov. 5, 1996, Eff date Nov. 30, 1996; Amended during General Election, Nov. 7, 2006, Eff date Jan. 1, 2007).