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Proposed ordinances may be introduced by any councilmember, mini-initiative or initiative. Every proposed ordinance shall be introduced in its entirety in writing. At least thirteen days shall pass between the introduction and the final passage of every ordinance, except emergency ordinances. Brief summaries of proposed ordinances providing reasonable notice as to the nature of the action contemplated shall be published before consideration. The council shall hold at least one public hearing after due notice to consider the proposed ordinance. Any proposed ordinance may be amended by motion at hearing without publication, provided, that such amendments shall not change the scope and object of the proposed ordinance. No proposed ordinance shall become a law unless on its final passage the vote be taken by roll call by yeas and nays. Ordinances, or summaries of them, shall be published after enactment. Except for emergency ordinances, a minimum of three affirmative votes shall be required to adopt an ordinance.

Every ordinance shall be presented to the county executive within five working days after adoption by the county council. Within ten working days after presentation, the county executive shall either sign the ordinance and return it or veto the ordinance and return it to the county council with the executive’s written objections. If an ordinance is not returned to the county council within ten working days after its presentation, it shall be deemed enacted without the county executive’s signature. If the county executive vetoes an ordinance, the county council shall have thirty days to reconsider the ordinance. If the ordinance receives at least four affirmative votes it shall become law. Except as otherwise provided by this charter, all ordinances shall take effect ten days after they are signed by the county executive or otherwise enacted, or at a later date if stated in the ordinance.

(Amended during General Election, Nov. 8, 2016, Eff date Dec. 9, 2016).