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RCW 36.70A.210(3) requires that, at a minimum, Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) address joint County and city planning in urban growth areas. The CPPs also recognize that it is important to encourage joint planning outside the Urban Growth Area and that it may involve public agencies in addition to the County and cities.

JP-1Coordination of county and municipal planning particularly for urban services, governance, and annexation is important. Interlocal agreements for this purpose are encouraged pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act (chapter 39.34 RCW). These agreements should emphasize the importance of early and continuous public participation, focus on decision-making by elected or other appropriate officials, and review the consistency of comprehensive plans with each other and the Growth Management Act, where applicable. Appendix F provides an illustrative list of issues that could be considered appropriate for Interlocal Agreements.

JP-2Snohomish County Tomorrow (SCT) shall develop a process for mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution. In developing this process, SCT shall convene a task force to make recommendations that outline procedures, timelines, and responsibilities associated with the mediation and/or dispute resolution processes.

JP-3In the event of a proposed annexation of unincorporated lands in Snohomish County by a city or special district with no incorporated or district territory currently located in Snohomish County, an interlocal agreement between Snohomish County and any jurisdiction determined necessary by the County shall be in place, consistent with CPP JP-1 and Appendix F. This agreement shall be in effect before the city or district submits a Notice of Intent to Annex to the State Boundary Review Board (BRB) of Snohomish County or, if not subject to BRB review, prior to approval of the annexation to the city or special district.

JP-4Encourage policies that allow accessible, effective and frequent interjurisdictional coordination relating to the consistency of comprehensive plans in a particular Urban Growth Area (UGA) and to the expansion of a UGA.

JP-5Through Snohomish County Tomorrow, establish an interjurisdictional group of elected officials, appointed officials, citizens and staff to review disputes regarding the consistency of comprehensive plans with each other.

JP-6The County and cities shall develop comprehensive plan policies and development regulations that provide for the orderly transition of unincorporated Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) to incorporated areas in UGAs. Mutual agreements may be utilized to address governance issues and expedite the transition.

JP-7The County and affected cities should collaborate on the development of appropriate urban design measures in unincorporated Urban Growth Areas.