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EPF-1The County and each city may impose reasonable conditions and/or mitigation of adverse environmental impacts on approval of a development agreement or other land use approvals as a result of the siting of local, regional, statewide, or federal essential public facilities.

EPF-2The County and each city may establish a process through their respective comprehensive plans and implementing development regulations to identify and site local essential public facilities, consistent with the provisions of the GMA. This process should include:

a. A definition of these facilities;

b. An inventory of existing and future facilities;

c. Economic and other incentives to jurisdictions receiving facilities;

d. A public involvement strategy;

e. Assurance that the environment and public health and safety are protected; and

f. A consideration of alternatives to the facility.

EPF-3Local essential public facilities should be sited to support the countywide land use pattern, support economic activities, reduce environmental impacts, provide amenities or incentives, and minimize public costs.

EPF-4Local essential public facilities shall first be considered for location inside Urban Growth Areas unless it is demonstrated that a non-urban site is the most appropriate location for such a facility. Local essential public facilities located outside of an Urban Growth Area shall be self-contained or be served by urban governmental services in a manner that shall not promote sprawl.

EPF-5The County and each city should collaborate with public agencies and special districts to identify opportunities for the co-location of local essential public facilities.