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Appendix F – List of Issues for Interlocal Agreements

(To Illustrate Policy JP-1 and to Implement JP-2)

This appendix is included in your selections.

Interlocal agreements may coordinate any number of issues such as, but not limited to:

1. Facilitation of annexations;

2. Principles for annexation;

3. Public service delivery;

4. Clarification of roles;

5. Coordination between long term and current planning at both the city and the County level;

6. Land Use Designations;

7. Population and employment growth targets;

8. Delineation of tasks of city/County staff;

9. Development of schedule for completion of tasks;

10. Delineation of roles of the various planning commissions;

11. Delineation of roles of city/County council in adoption process;

12. Provision of consistent processes for design and development;

13. Permit processing;

14. Ensuring non-duplicative process for the development community;

15. Development of application procedures;

16. Determination of applicable regulations and standards to be used;

17. Determination of SEPA process and lead agency roles;

18. Development of appeal processes;

19. Provision for realistic capital facilities planning;

20. Provision for fiscal equity between the County and the cities;

21. Bonded debt;

22. Identification of funding sources, fees, and revenue sharing;

23. Provision of clear, adequate public participation processes;

24. Provision for viable, quality communities;

25. Transportation mitigation, concurrency, or other issues including those detailed in TR-1(a);

26. Interjurisdictional affordable housing agreements or programs; and/or

27. Other issues such as surface water, solid waste, and public safety.

28. Response to climate crisis through restoration and protection of the environment’s natural functions and wildlife habitats.